Germany's ailing Die Linke seeks new leaders and new directions

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2024-07-07 17:07:31

Polls open in France's run-off as Le Pen's far right seeks power

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2024-07-07 12:08:18

French far right seeks vote win but deadlock looms

The far right hopes for an outright win, but stalemate appears more likely in France's crucial election.
2024-07-07 12:07:59

French far right seeks vote win but deadlock looms

France votes in one of its most crucial elections in years, with the far right hoping for victory.
2024-07-07 07:08:22

French far right seeks vote win but deadlock looms

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2024-07-06 22:06:55

France's far right celebrates lead and seeks majority

National Rally is in pole position for a historic election victory and stands at the gates of power.
2024-07-01 02:07:00

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2024-06-26 07:07:46

Germany's biggest industrial union seeks a 7% raise for millions of workers

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2024-06-17 16:09:11

Ukraine seeks show of support at giant Swiss summit

The hosts hope the talks, the largest since the war with Russia began, will bring progress towards peace.
2024-06-15 06:08:23

Hamas seeks 'complete halt' to war in Gaza proposal response

The group told the BBC that it still required a commitment to a permanent ceasefire.
2024-06-11 22:10:02

Millions voting on final day of EU elections as right seeks surge

Europeans in 20 countries go to the polls, on the final day of voting for the European Parliament.
2024-06-09 04:06:34

Putin seeks big expansion of Arctic trade in North-East Passage

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2024-06-07 20:10:17

Woman sues Netflix over Baby Reindeer character

The woman claims to have inspired the character Martha and seeks $170m for defamation, negligence and privacy violations.
2024-06-07 03:06:25

Modi Seeks to Shore Up Coalition to Secure Third Term in Power

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2024-06-05 04:06:57

Former president Ahmadinejad seeks Iranian presidency again

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2024-06-02 12:08:34

Sweden seeks air-defense guns for its assault boats

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2024-05-31 19:08:16

BHP seeks more time over $49 billion offer for Anglo American

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2024-05-29 09:07:59

Amazon seeks to keep conservative app Parler offline

2021-01-13 20:05:59

After failed Trump romance, France seeks reset under Biden

2021-01-25 00:05:58

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani sued by Dominion voting machine firm

Dominion seeks $1.3bn in damages over a campaign claiming its machines switched US election votes.
2021-01-25 18:06:00

Pushed by pandemic, Germany seeks to boost technology use

2021-01-27 17:05:58

Germany seeks ways to give its vaccine campaign momentum

2021-02-01 11:06:00

S Africa seeks new vaccine plan after halting AstraZeneca

2021-02-08 14:06:13

Biden White House seeks to turn page on Trump

2021-02-14 07:05:56

Insurance market seeks expert to check slave links

The specialist insurance market has previously apologised for historical links to the slave trade.
2021-02-21 15:06:09

UN agency seeks help to find Rohingya boat adrift at sea

2021-02-22 10:05:59

Dubai's Emirates seeks key role in global vaccine delivery

2021-02-22 13:06:01

Sri Lanka human rights: UK seeks new UN resolution on abuses

The resolution calls for human rights abusers in the bloody civil war to be held to account.
2021-02-23 02:06:04

Nyolcmillió forintnyi dollárt kell fizetnie az utasnak, aki megütött egy légiutaskísérőt

Úgy tűnik, ez a hétvége a maszk nem viselése miatt kialakult balhékról szól. De míg egy dél-afrikai boltban vásárló nő a saját, frissen lehúzott tangáját húzta a fejére, amikor felszólították a szája és orra eltakarására, addig egy utas arcon ütötte a légiutas-kísérőt. Sajnos videónk is van: Tangáját használta maszkként egy nő a boltban Sokan zseninek tartják, másik szerint undorító, amit művelt. A hírről az ABCNews számolt be, akik azt írják, az incidens a Delta Miamiból Atlantába közlekedő járatán történt. A légikísérő megkérte egy nőt és kísérőjét, hogy vagy vegyék fel...
2021-02-28 12:07:01

T.I. and Tiny deny sexual assault allegations as attorney seeks investigation of them

An attorney is asking two states to investigate rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris and his wife, singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris, in the wake of sexual assault and abuse and other allegations the couple have denied.
2021-03-02 13:08:14

UN seeks $266 mn to feed refugees in Covid-hit E.Africa

2021-03-02 16:07:02

Mars: Nasa's Perseverance rover sends stunning images

Amazing images as Nasa's Perseverance rover lands on Mars and seeks signs of past microbial life.
2021-03-03 02:06:14

Japanese billionaire seeks eight people to fly to moon

Yusaku Maezawa says he will pay for the entire trip, so those who come onboard will fly for free.
2021-03-03 04:06:08

Ukraine holds borscht soup fest with political flavour

Ukraine seeks Unesco status for its beetroot soup - but Russians and Poles call it theirs too.
2021-03-05 16:06:40

Boy allegedly abused by students seeks justice

2021-03-06 21:08:49

Boy allegedly abused by students seeks justice

2021-03-06 21:08:49

Memo outlines how White House plans to take victory lap

The White House plans to deploy its messaging blitz to tout the newly passed $1.9 trillion Covid relief plan to "every corner" of the country in the weeks ahead, zeroing in on key components each day as it seeks to maintain -- or build on -- the proposal's current popularity, according to an internal memo obtained by CNN.
2021-03-11 00:05:40

Biden seeks to chart a path out of the pandemic in prime-time address

President Joe Biden can report in his first prime-time address Thursday that a vaccination drive now reaching 2 million people daily has brought America far closer to exiting the pandemic than when he took office 50 days ago.
2021-03-11 07:05:41

family seeks help finding heirloom photo

2021-03-12 02:05:40

Experts say two barriers stand in the way of reaching herd immunity in the US

States are pushing ahead with expanding Covid-19 vaccine access and rolling back restrictions on businesses and large gatherings as America seeks a return to normalcy.
2021-03-19 19:05:41

'Q: Into the Storm' seeks to pull back the curtain on QAnon's origins

"Q: Into the Storm" bears a resemblance to an earlier HBO docuseries, "The Jinx," unfolding like a mystery, as the filmmaker plays mental chess with his subjects. What gives this six-part effort particular heft is the role QAnon has come to play in US politics, becoming, as director Cullen Hoback puts it, "part interactive game, part religion, part political movement."
2021-03-19 21:06:02

Analysis: Biden seeks tenuous balance on schools and variants

When officials from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday that they were relaxing the physical distancing guidelines for many schools, White House officials hailed it as another moment when the barriers to in-person instruction were falling.
2021-03-21 08:07:56

Massachusetts DA seeks to vacate thousands of drug convictions connected to botched evidence certification at state lab

Thousands of people who had drug convictions in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, may soon see them vacated due to a "catastrophic failure of management," the county's district attorney Rachael Rollins said Monday.
2021-03-23 05:06:49

France seeks Unesco heritage status for the baguette

France has nominated the baguette for inclusion on Unesco's intangible cultural heritage register.
2021-03-26 20:07:16

Bulgaria's leader seeks 4th term amid pandemic, protests

2021-04-04 18:07:17

Biden strengthens Obama's legacy while seeking his own

With sweeping economic recovery plans, President Joe Biden seeks his own legacy like the New Deal or Great Society. But he's also bolstering Barack Obama's.
2021-04-11 14:05:40

Chad presidential election: Idriss Déby seeks sixth term amid boycott

Turnout is unclear in the vote boycotted by opposition candidates over brutality against protesters.
2021-04-11 17:06:51


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